Designed for high speed and maneuverability, M/V RELIEF is the only jet propelled launch boat on the Columbia River. Capable of speeds up to 38 knots, this vessel is designed to allow for underway pilot reliefs to be done safely at high speeds. Additionally, the open deck space in the back makes it perfect for transporting cargo to and from vessels at anchor.


Designed with open deck space in mind, M/V MULE is perfect for any of your cargo needs. Capable of reaching speeds of over 40 knots, the MULE provides our customers with a fast, comfortable ride. Additionally, the MULE meets all specifications set forth by the Columbia River Pilots should the need for an underway relief arise.


The newest addition to our work force. Capable of 44 knots, M/V SUPPORT is the fastest launch boat on the Columbia River. A large house provides plenty of seating room for our large boarding parties. Designed with versatility in mind, the railing on the deck can be adjust to fit any situation that may arise.