Columbia River Launch Service proudly operates on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers providing services in the Portland, Vancouver, Longview, Kalama, & Crims Island anchorages.

Boarding Party

Our boats are designed with comfort of our customers in mind. Due to the high speed of our boats, we guaranteed the least amount of time spent traveling from shore to vessel.

Pilot Reliefs

All our boats are design to be able to do underway reliefs. Our crews go through rigors training to be prepared for any situation.

ATV Transfer

We are the only launch company on the Columbia River capable of transferring ATVs from the boat launch to the islands found on the Columbia River


Designed with open deck space, all of our vessels are able to transport cargo to anchored vessels in need of supplies.

Line Jobs

Thanks again to our open deck space, all of our vessels are capable of running lines when vessels come to berth. Additionally, we are set up to let go of lines at any anchor buoys should the need arise.

Hazard Removal

Columbia River Launch Service is capable of removing hazard and debris from docks.

Ship Tender

We have experiences tendering cruise ship passengers to shore. Our boats make the rides both comfortable, fast, and memorable for your passengers.

Buoy Inspection & Repairs

Our open deck space is perfect to work on any privately owned buoys. We can provide routine inspections and any repairs that are needed.