How much of a notice do you need?

While we make all efforts to respond to any last minute calls as quickly as possible, we do request a two hour notice for any scheduled work. This allows us enough time to crew our boats and shuttle them to the job’s location in the most cost efficient way.

Where do you operate?

Our boats proudly service the Columbia and Willamette rivers. We regularly operate in the Vancouver, Kalama, Rainier, Longview and Crims Island anchorages.

Can you do a cargo launch?

Yes, all of our boats are designed with open deck space allowing us to transport cargo. Additionally, we also own and operate our own boom truck. This allows us to load cargo without need for a third party in most cases, passing the savings onto our customers.

I need to get an ATV to a local island. Can you help?

Yes! We are currently the only launch services on the river capable of transferring ATVs from boat launch to island without the need for an expensive crane or barge.

What are your rates?

Our rates are dependent on the job in question. Please contact dispatch for more details.